Sea Club IV Inventory Auction (Access Auction Here)

SCIV Auction Items (Access Available Auction Items Here)


The Sea Club Owners’ Association will be offering at auction the intervals the Association currently owns as well as those that the Association is in the process of recovering from delinquent owners
The auction will be open for bids for one month beginning on Thursday, September 5 with final bids due in by the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 5. The Association reserves the right to extend the term of the bidding, if necessary, to ensure that all owners have the opportunity to submit a bid, and to remove intervals from the auction at any time.
The inventory available, the minimum bid for each interval, and the terms and conditions of the auction will be posted on the Association website, www.seaclubiv.com, and on the Association’s Facebook page, Sea Club IV Resorts, by the close of business on September 5. To access the auction information on the website, simply click on the link labeled “Sea Club Auction” on the home page. If you need assistance, please call the resort at (386) 767-2700.
The auction will be conducted online, but the identity of bidders will not be visible through the auction site. The auction is available to all Sea Club IV owners, their friends and families. This is a great opportunity to invite new members to join the Sea Club IV vacation family. If someone you know would like to participate in the auction, simply direct them to the Association website or the Sea Club IV Resorts Facebook page.
The weeks you acquire at the auction will be available for use in 2020, and you will receive an invoice for the 2020 maintenance fees once the deed is recorded. There is no 2019 special assessment on the weeks to be sold. All net proceeds of the auction will go to the Sea Club Owners’ Association to defray operating costs and add to capital reserves.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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